MotorXP Referral Reward Program

MotorXP - Electric Machine Design and Analysis Software

Know someone who might be interested in MotorXP software? Great! You can now participate in our referral program to be eligible for a referral bonus up to $300 per seat and there is no limit how many friends you can refer.
Tell your friend or college about MotorXP. With a successful purchase made by your recommendation we will send you up to 10% of the purchase price and your friend will get a 5% discount. You can also apply your reward to the future MotorXP license purchase.
Participating in the program you accept the MotorXP Referral Reward Program Terms and Conditions.

How it works?

1. Create your MotorAnalysis/MotorXP account, if you do not have one
2. Recommend MotorXP to your friend
3. Share your email address linked to your MotorAnalysis/MotorXP account with your friend*
4. Ask your friend to mention your account email address on the form while submitting a MotorXP-PM Subscription Request

5. Your friend will get a 5% discount
6. After a successful purchase we will contact you via email linked to your MotorAnalysis/MotorXP account**
7. We will pay you the reward you earned***

How much can I earn with the MotorXP Referral Reward Program?

Your reward starts from 5% of the purchase made by your recommendation and may increase up to 10% as the number of successful referrals grows. Please see the table below.

Number of successful referrals

Reward percentage

From 1 to 10 5%
More than 10 10%

*You are required to have a valid MotorAnalysis/MotorXP account to participate in the MotorXP Referral Reward Program.
**We reserve the right to refuse the reward in case we suspect any fraud or abuse.
***Transaction fee may apply.