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MotorXP is not just another electric motor design tool. MotorXP is more than 40 years of combined experience of our engineers in electromagnetics, electric machine design, power electronics, control design and EV industry. This is where theory and practice meet together, where new ideas create technologies of our future. Why we recommend MotorXP? Just because we use it to solve our everyday challenges creating state of the art electric motors and drives. Because electric is the future.



MotorXP-PM is a commercial version of MotorAnalysis-PM, a popular software for design and analysis of permanent magnet (PM) motors and generators. MotorXP-PM offers much more features and capabilities, please see the detailed comparison MotorXP-PM vs. MotorAnalysis-PM. MotorXP-PM supports different machine types including brushless DC (BLDC) motors and generators and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and generators with surface-mounted or interior permanent magnets (IPM). MotorXP-PM combines both finite element analysis (FEA) and analytical analysis methods providing fast and accurate results, which establishes a complete set of tools for design and analysis of permanent magnet machines. MotorXP-PM is available as a MALTAB-based application and as a standalone program working without MATLAB.


  • Inner and outer rotor topologies
  • Stator and rotor geometry templates
  • Stator geometries: Parallel tooth, Parallel slot, General slot
    Rotor geometries: Surface mounted, Halbach array, Bread loaf, Straight buried, Spoke
  • Custom geometry templates
  • Create fully parameterized geometry templates for custom stator and rotor geometries of arbitrary complexity
  • Stator and rotor geometry can be imported from DXF file
  • Geometry export into DXF file
  • Skewed stator and rotor geometries are solved with multi-slice FEA
  • Useful for cogging torque minimization
  • Manual or automatic winding layout for all possible pole/slot combinations
  • Different wire sizing methods
  • AWG, SWG, wire diameter and slot or coil fill factor
  • Calculation of different winding parameters
  • Fundamental winding factor and harmonic winding factors, LCM and GCD of slot number and pole number, phase resistance and end turns inductance
  • Materials library and custom materials
  • Custom transistors and diodes
  • These can be added using data sheet parameters for inverter losses calculation
  • FEA and analytical analysis methods including ultra-fast hybrid FEA-DQ method.
  • Sinewave, PWM and six step drives are supported.
  • All types of losses including eddy current and hysteresis iron losses, magnet losses, retaining sleeve losses, etc.
  • Permanent magnet demagnetization analysis.
  • Inverter losses calculation for IGBT and MOSFET transistors.
  • Time-series waveform plots and frequency spectrums
  • Current, voltage, back-EMF, torque, powers, losses, etc.
  • Air gap distribution waveform plots and frequency spectrums
  • Air gap flux density, magnetic flux, magnetomotive force, radial force, etc.
  • Field plots and flux contours
  • Flux density distribution, current density distribution, loss distribution, etc.
  • Animated air gap distribution and field plots versus time
  • Steady-state performance characteristics taking into account field weakening
  • Torque vs. speed, torque vs. advance angle, voltage vs. speed, etc.
  • Steady-state performance maps
  • Efficiency maps, losses maps, etc.
  • Extraction of the D-Q model parameters (such as Ld, Lq, magnet flux linkage)
  • These can be used in third-party applications, such as, FEM parameterized PMSM block of Simulink© Simscape
  • Id and Iq lookup tables extracted from the efficiency map data
  • These can be uploaded into controller for optimal motor performance
  • Plots exported into CSV and MAT files

Analysis Methods

  • Based on time-stepping magnetostatic finite element simulations assuming ideal sinusoidal or trapezoidal current waveform
  • Calculation of most commonly used motor parameters like voltage, current, powers, back-EMF, torque, power factor, efficiency, losses
  • Waveform plots, air gap distribution and field plots as well as animations
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  • Based on a conventional model of the motor in D-Q reference frame derived from FEA solutions
  • Saturation and cross-saturation are taken into account
  • Iron losses are taken into account
  • Calculation of steady-state performance characteristics and performance maps including motor and inverter efficiency maps
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  • Based on the dynamic model of the motor in D-Q reference frame
  • Simulation of the motor with PWM supply and current control algorithm
  • PWM and six step drives are supported
  • Most powerful and most accurate of all the analysis methods
  • Based on the time-stepping transient finite element simulations
  • FEA simulations with coupled electrical circuits
  • Arbitrary supply current or voltage waveforms including PWM inverter supply
  • Waveform plots, air gap distribution and field plots as well as animations
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MotorXP-PM vs. MotorAnalysis-PM

MotorAnalysis-PM is a free version of MotorXP-PM with limited functionality. Please see below the full list of features:




Stator geometry templates
Rotor geometry templates
Custom geometry templates
Custom rotor and stator geometries imported from DXF file
Geometry export into DXF file
Automatic winding layout All possible pole/slot combinations (balanced windings) Integer slot windings only (integer number of slots per pole per phase)
Inverter losses calculation
Magnet losses
Retaining sleeve losses
Iron losses FEA and D-Q models FEA models only
Demagnetization analysis
Dynamic D-Q Analysis PWM and six-step drives PWM drives only
Motor efficiency maps Do not include iron losses
Inverter efficiency maps
Export of D-Q model parameters (Ld, Lq, magnet flux linkage)
Export of max. efficiency operation Id / Iq lookup tables
Machine constants
Automatic calculation of flux density levels
Project files with protected design data


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