MotorXP-AFM beta testing

MotorXP - Electric Machine Design and Analysis Software


Design and Analysis of Axial Flux Machines with Permanent Magnets

We are starting beta testing our new software MotorXP-AFM for design and analysis of axial flux machines. You can request the beta version of MotorXP-AFM for FREE (please fill in the request form below). MotorXP-AFM (beta) will work for about three months until we release the final version of MotorXP-AFM.
You are encouraged to provide feedback about any problems with MotorXP-AFM (beta) in order to improve the final version of MotorXP-AFM. To send your feedback please contact us at or using Contact form.

MotorXP-AFM features summary


    • Stator-Rotor, Stator-Rotor-Stator (with yoke or yokeless rotor) and Rotor-Stator-Rotor (with yoke or yokeless stator) topologies
    • 3D stator and rotor geometry templates
Stator geometries: Parallel flat slot, Parallel round slot
Rotor geometries: Trapezoidal magnet, Rectangular magnet, Halbach array
    • Custom geometry templates
Create fully parameterized 3D geometry templates for custom stator and rotor geometries of arbitrary complexity
    • 3D geometry export into STEP file
    • Concentrated, distributed and toroidal winding types
    • Manual or automatic winding layout for all possible pole/slot combinations
    • Different wire sizing methods
AWG, SWG, wire diameter and slot or coil fill factor
    • Calculation of different winding parameters
Fundamental winding factor and harmonic winding factors, LCM and GCD of slot number and pole number, phase resistance and end turns inductance
    • Materials library and custom materials
    • Custom transistors and diodes
These can be added using data sheet parameters for inverter losses calculation


  • High accuracy and high computational speed quasi-3D finite element modelling approach, around 50 times faster compared to full 3D FEA
  • FEA and analytical analysis methods including ultra-fast hybrid FEA-DQ method
  • Sinewave, PWM and six step drives are supported
  • All types of losses: winding losses, eddy current and hysteresis iron losses (including higher harmonics and minor hysteresis loops), magnet losses, etc.
  • Permanent magnet demagnetization analysis
  • Inverter losses calculation for IGBT and MOSFET transistors (including SiC MOSFETs)


    • Time-series waveform plots and frequency spectrums
Current, voltage, back-EMF, torque, powers, losses, etc.
    • Air gap distribution waveform plots and frequency spectrums
Air gap flux density magnitude, air gap flux density tangential and normal components, radial force, etc.
    • Field plots and flux contours
Flux density distribution, current density distribution, loss distribution, etc.
    • Animated air gap distribution and field plots versus time
    • Machine constants
    • Flux density levels in different parts of the machine automatically calculated
    • Steady-state performance characteristics taking into account field weakening
Torque vs. speed, torque vs. advance angle, voltage vs. speed, etc.
    • Steady-state performance maps
Efficiency maps, losses maps, etc.
    • Extraction of the D-Q model parameters (such as Ld, Lq, magnet flux linkage)
These can be used in third-party applications, such as, FEM parameterized PMSM block of Simulink© Simscape
    • Id and Iq lookup tables extracted from the efficiency map data
These can be uploaded into controller for optimal motor performance
  • Plots exported into CSV and MAT files

MotorXP-AFM brochure PDF

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Get 20% off if you preorder MotorXP-AFM now before the final version is released. How it works? You just continue using beta version of MotorXP-AFM. Once the final version is ready, we will send your personal copy of MotorXP-AFM to you so you will seamlessly migrate to the final version at the end of the beta testing period. Please contact us at or using Contact form for pricing information and to get more details.

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